SBK - Split Bitcoin Keys

SBK is Free and Open Source Software to create and recover keys for self-custody Bitcoin wallets. The goal of SBK is to make Bitcoin's promise of financial sovereignty both practical and safe. For this, SBK uses two kinds of secret:

The goal of SBK is to keep your Bitcoin safe and secure. This means:

SBK aims to help you to live up to the mantra of Bitcoin: Your keys, your coins; not your keys, not your coins. At the price of some convenience, secrets generated by SBK are safer than a typical 12-word phrase written on paper.

SBK is for self-custody wallets of individuals who cannot invest the time and effort for higher levels of security. SBK is not a substitute for multisig. If your use-case involves multiple parties, and you're willing to invest the time and effort to protect yourself against a buggy wallet implementations or compromised hardware, then a multisig setup is for you. SBK may be useful as part of such a multisig setup.

The most significant risks that remain with SBK are the following:


SBK is not yet ready for general use. You should only use SBK for development and testing. As of now, for any wallet you generate with SBK, you should assume it to be a black hole for any Bitcoin you send to it.
SBK will only ever be available via the domain: You should not trust any version of SBK downloaded from any other domain.
The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. In particular, the author(s) of SBK shall not be held liable, to recover or compensate, for any funds that are lost or stolen, arising from the use of SBK software.

The source code for SBK is publicly available on GitHub. The primary focus of current development is on documentation and code review.

SBK Live Distribution

Download ISO Image

Bootable USB/DVD Guides

To create a bootable USB or DVD, you can follow the same instructions as for the Ubuntu distribution.

PDF Templates

Templates for SBK-Share.

Templates for stainless steel dog tags and business cards.